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God, Prayer & Me

Do you ever pray for something ask that God’s will be done and then when the answer to your prayer is different that what you wanted are mad at God? I’m sure we’ve all done it at some point in our lives, I know I have. I think I’ve given up asking God for things. I still pray but I don’t think I’ve asked him for anything specific in a long time. If and when I do pray lately (which hasn’t been to often) I ask Him for will to be done. As I write this I wonder if that it is because I’ve been so distant that I don’t think I have the right to pray and ask God for things. I know in my head and probably my heart that if I call on Him and turn to Him that He will be there. But I just feel like that’s not fair to Him. I think to me my relationship with God is almost like an abusive friendship. You know the one where your friend is only friends with you when someone esle isn’t around or when it’s convenient for you. I don’t want that relationship with God and I’ve had it for far to long. I’m an all or nothing kind of person and right now I’m not sure I can go to God until I’m ready to give it all to Him.

  1. Ryan
    January 11, 2011 at 6:29 pm

    legit post… I felt like this for years. I was always feeling that if i can just get a handle on sin, or on reading my bible, or on commitement ill be able to get on Gods good side.. but now i think about the story about the protocol son and how when he returned the father didnt even consider the past wrongs. He put a ring on his finger and threw a big party. It’s because of Jesus we are acceptable to God in every way. NOT because of our behaviour at all. We can never measure up in ourselves.. but in Jesus we will ALWAYS measure up.. so walk boldly into Gods presence. He is greater than sin, greater than time and space. I know this hasnt been taught in the past.. but we will never be truly free until we catch this revelation. Once again im really glad you have this blog up man!

  2. Faith Simms
    January 11, 2011 at 7:47 pm

    Hey Eric, I think most people can relate to your description of a relationship with God. And I know I can relate to the questions that surround your prayer life. I struggle with the answers that come sometimes and I don’t always like it when my prayers aren’t answered the way I want or expect but I do know over the course of my life that everything He has done in my life has worked out for the best. In several situations I have looked back and realized that “WOW He was right :P… I think the closer we are to God in relationship it changes the way we pray, the things we ask for and maybe even how we receive the answer or how we respond to it. Over the past few years I have been reading the Bible from the front straight through. The thing that I have noticed repeatedly is how throughout the course of the “story” the Israelites were so hot and cold toward God. They were not a “faithful friend” kind of people, I realize that the human race has not changed. Nor has the relationship style of a lot of people who consider themselves a follower of Christ. We are up and down and hot and cold. The other main theme I have also noticed in the Bible and also in the lives of people today is that God is ALWAYS there. No matter how far away we may stray He is still there, we have only to turn around and we are back in reconciliation with Christ. He promises to never leave us or forsake us, He promises that if we only call out to Him He will hear us, He promises that if we seek Him we will find Him. HE is the faithful one even though we are not. That is unconditional love. It amazes me……He knows the beginning from the end…knows before I am born just how many times I will fail and break my promises to Him and come running back and beg Him for things I do not deserve and He will still be there for me. I don’t have to sacrifice an animal, I don’t have to rub a bunch of beads I only need to know one simple truth: I need Him and He loves me. We all know that every action has a reaction and its no different in our choices. The choices I make (for the purpose of this discussion) that bring me closer or farther away from God have a consequence. Good and bad. God has given man a free will, we choose to walk with Him or without Him and because of that free will we still live with the consequences of our choices. We sometime see that as God not answering our prayers when it can simply be a case of us having to live with the results of our choices. I don’t even know if any of this makes sense!!! Its just whats coming out of my heart. Paul likens this journey to running a race, I personally am not a runner but I do know a few 😛 and it is not the most pleasant sport. My son loves to run he is a great sprinter…starts out fast and leaves his competitors in the dust. He is not however a distance runner. It’s hard, it hurts your lungs, sweat burns your eyes, your legs rub together and blister, your feet swell and your toe nails can fall off but people DO it for enjoyment!?!!! We are not in a sprint my friend, this is a life long marathon but we are not alone. Keep running, walk when you need to and don’t forget to nourish yourself in the Bible and by spending time with God. Just some thoughts 🙂

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