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Burning With Desire

Oak LeafThe post below is something that I began working on back in March of this year and forgot about it. But it really speaks to where I’m at lately and in retrospect have been for a while I suppose. I know that many will read this and say that it’s “God’s calling” on my life and that it is him that is stirring this up in me and that its God calling me back to him. I’m not going to get into what I believe and feel regarding that.

Lately I’ve been working on the day-to-day stuff that keeps me busy, mainly this thing we call life. And, as continue to do this I realize that I’m not feeling as fulfilled as I should. I’m not doing what I am passionate about nor am I working or doing things that are my mission statement in life. I want to effect change in this world in the lives of people. My heart, my dream, my place in this world just feels out-of-place. Do you ever feel like that? Like it’s all so meaningless.

I need to do some serious soul-searching and figure out where I’m going and what I’m doing. I’m 35 and realize that life is going faster and faster and that unless something changes soon, my life will pass me by and I wont reach my goals and dreams. Time to suck it up and figure this out. Figure out what is right for me, and my family. Not what’s right for everyone else.

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