Come Along With Me

We are all on a journey, sometimes our experience and what see differs.

We are all on a journey, sometimes our experience and what see differs.

It’s interesting the reactions you can get from people when you speak your mind.

My post “The Journey Continues” was my first post in quite some time and I think it took some of guard, I’m afraid I may have even offended some. Which for those who know me personally, they would know I’m not one to be afraid of shocking or offending people. But for those reading this, that read my last post, please know that I’m not trying to shock people or make people angry. It’s really not the purpose of this. This is my way of venting, and “airing the laundry” so to speak. It’s a way of getting stuff of my chest. Although I wear my feelings and emotions on my sleeve and am pretty much an open book, there are some things that I just can articulate in person or out loud.

One of my readers asked me if he could post/share my post on a blog site called Internet Monk; something that I had to give some serious thought to. Until now, I’ve kept this blog somewhat private and only open to a select group of Facebook friends who I thought could share their thoughts and with whom I felt comfortable sharing my thoughts. I agreed to it and my post went up Friday morning. It’s been interesting see the comments from random strangers as they read my blog and encouraged, shared advice, thanked me for my “courage” and even prayed for me. I plan on going back through everything that was said and taking time to really “meditate” on some of the things that were said.

I know that there is no one on this earth that has the answers to all my questions and that I have to work this out. But if you’re reading this blog and/or I’ve shared this with you, you’re a part of my journey. Your experiences on your journey may be vastly different than mine, but that doesn’t mean that we can’t help one another along the way. You have no idea how much I appreciate your words of encouragement and even your “tough” words. I give it thought and I really do try to take it heart.

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