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I Refuse

March 28, 2011 1 comment

Cypress Hills Valley

If you’ve been following my blog on a regular basis you can see that God is doing a work in me. He is challenging me and calling me to rise up to be the man of God that He created and designed me to be. I remember a number of years ago I said I wasn’t going to hide my struggles and pretend that everything was all okay inside when it wasn’t. I was going to be real. And, I’m still that person, and I know that some people will accept that side of me and others will not. At least with a blog and posting this way I don’t have to face the rejection head on and I don’t have to feel the loss of those that can’t accept me for who I am.

In the last two days I’ve sat heard three messages from three different people. Each message did however tie into the other and spoke to things that God has been putting on my heart for the last week or so. I guess a lot of what has been stirring in my heart started with an album I heard for the first time just over a week ago. The album is “See You” by  Josh Wilson. There are a number of songs that ministered to me on the album but I’m going to focus on one called, “I Refuse”. We as Christians know that we all have a calling on our lives. Yes, your calling is not mine, but you have a calling none the less and only you can do what God has called you do. I think that for some time now I’ve been sitting on the sidelines and that I’ve taken myself out of the game. Well, not anymore I refuse to sit there and not move – I’m back in the game. I’m not going to let my injuries and aches and pains hold me back from what God has called me to. There is a generation out there that is lost and that God has called me to.

As I’ve said before I’m a perfectionist in a lot of ways and if I’m going to do something I want to do it right. And, I like most of us I struggle with sin; I repent and ask God to forgive me. I live a good walk for a time and then I fall and I beat myself up and pull myself out of the game. But I learned that I can be a sinner who struggles to be a lover of God, or I can be a lover of God who sometimes struggles with sin. The difference is in the mindset, one is defeated and the other victorious. Jesus paid the price for not just our salvation on the cross but to overcome the strongholds and the sins in our lives. Hold on to this as you continue to read.

There are two types of sin, sin against others, lying, cheating, murder, and, then there is sin against the body, sexual immorality. (1 Corinthians 6:18) I know that for myself sexual immorality has been a constant struggle as far back as I can remember. And, it is probably the one sin that I’ve tried to keep “hidden” from people. It’s not something that people want to talk about or hear. But I can’t hide my heart from God. He sees my heart and He knows the sins that I commit in my heart.

Why am I sharing this, let alone blogging about it for the world to see? Well because I want to live in freedom. I want to shed a light on the darkness in my life so that it can be exposed and I can be delivered from it. And because I think there are others out there that probably should hear this as well.

Tonight I heard a passage of scripture that I’d heard before but it never spoke to me as real as it did tonight.

“Do not be deceived: Neither the sexually immoral, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor men who have sex with men, nor thieves, nor the greedy, nor drunkards, nor slanderers, nor swindlers will inherit the kingdom of God. 1 Corinthians 6:9-10”

God says that the sexually immoral, among others, will not inherit the kingdom of God. Think about that, it doesn’t leave much room for debate there. Our society has become so filled with sexual perversion that most of us are immune to it. We see sex on TV, in magazines and in movies so much that we don’t even think anything about it. Yet, we are committing adultery and not even thinking twice about it. (Matthew 5:28) As a church body we need to bring ourselves out of this type of bondage so that we can be free in Christ-Jesus!

God doesn’t want us trapped and enslaved to sin, He sent Jesus to die on the cross so we can be free. If we don’t take a stand now in our generation what is the message that the generation to follow going to do? We’ve become so complacent in things that we aren’t bringing up the next generation to have a healthy fear of the Lord. We need to get back to a place where we are in true relationship with God and where we are living lives that are pure and worthy of Him.

Yes, I know that I may stumble and I may fall but I’m going to choose to be a lover of God who is victorious and I’m going to pick myself back up and continue after Him! There is a generation of souls out there that need to discover true freedom!